100% pure henna 200g

“100% pure henna- 200g ”


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There is only one Henna – Lawsonia inermis. Indigo or neutral henna are not henna and are from different plants. Henna will impart a reddish tinge with repeated use however does not lift your hair color.

Nubian Roots only sells pure Henna sourced from regions with the perfect soil to produce a good henna such as India, Pakistan and Yemen. Regular use of our Henna will result in smoother shinier hair with less tangling, stronger hair that is more resilient to damage.


How to use: Pour henna into a plastic bowl, mix with warm water or green tea, stir to a yogurt consistency.

Cover henna with cling film and place in a cool dry place for a few hours or overnight to allow for dye release.

Apply to clean damp hair and cover with disposable plastic wrap to hold in the heat and moisture, which helps the dye to activate.

Leave for 4-6 hours, rinse and deep condition.


Key ingredients:

100% pure Henna.

Sourced from India, Pakistan and Yemen