Just Shea Hair and Skin Balm

“.100% shea butter - 200g ”


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Our 100% pure Organic Shea butter is sourced from the hinterlands in Nigeria and made using traditional methods to ensure there is no nutrient loss. Shea Butter has a natural SPF which helps to maintain the skin tone. It is a natural treatment for wound burns, sores, scars, dermatitis, dandruff, and stretch marks. Available scented and unscented. lemongrass and Lavendar 


How to Use:

Massage your face with little Unrefined Shea butter, pay attention to the lower part of your nose, corner of the lips, ears and forehead.

Massage a generous amount of Unrefined Shea butter on hair and scalp.


key Ingredients: !00% pure unrefined Shea butter, essential oils